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Greil Marcus

Born in 1945, Greil Marcus, an American author, music journalist and cultural critic, is notable for producing a series of scholarly and literary essays that place rock music in a much broader framework of culture and politics than is customary in pop music journalism.

Irwin Kula

One of the new leaders shaping the American spiritual landscape, Rabbi Irwin Kula brings the insights of ancient Jewish wisdom to the challenges of the present to help people live more fully. A regular television and radio commentator and the Co-President of The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, Kula offers fresh and incisive perspectives on today’s cultural and political landscape. Prepare to be inspired.

Robert Alter

Robert Alter aims to reproduce the rhythmic energy of the Hebrew texts in an English that adheres as closely as possible to the meaning and style of the original. He was drawn to biblical translation almost despite himself, propelled by a sense that recent translations were badly flawed.