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T.C. Boyle

Novelist T.C. Boyle presents his new work When the Killing’s Done, in which the Channel Islands become the setting for a dramatic showdown between two factions of environmentalists, each utterly convinced of their beliefs in preserving the islands and the natural world.

Chip Conley

Chip ConleyAt 26, Conley transformed a 1950s “no-tell motel” into the Phoenix Hotel—a legendary rock’n’roll destination catering to the likes of David Bowie, Linda Ronstadt and Little Richard. Arguably the coolest hotel exec in the world, Conley is founder and CEO of Joie de Vivre—“the most delightfully schizophrenic collection of hotels in America” according to USA Today—and an inspiration to those seeking ideas for transformative enterprise.

The Golden Gate Bridge – Kevin Starr

In conversation with KGO’s John Rothmann

In 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge rose high above the Bay Area, linking the urbanity of San Francisco with the wild headlands of Marin County. Join Kevin Starr, one of America’s most celebrated historians, as he provides a lyrical account of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Oscar Andy Hammerstein III

Oscar Andy Hammerstein III, grandson of Oscar II, is a painter, writer and historian with an inside perspective on one of American musical theater’s most notable families. He delivers a multi-layered portrait of his family’s legacy—complete with professional highlights as well as scandal and tragedy.