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Reporting Israel: the Personal, the Political and the Press

Manovill_UriBlau-BartonGellmanThe Manovill Conversations
Uri Blau and Barton Gellman: Whistleblowers and Freedom of the Press

We welcomed Uri Blau and Barton Gellman to the JCCSF on April 7, 2014 for the third and final program of the Manovill Conversations.  The discussion brought out distinctions between how the Israeli and U.S. governments treat whisteblowers, as well as illustrated how differently Blau and Gellman have been treated by the public and their peers for bringing classified documents to light.  Just a few days after the program, it was announced that Gellman had been awarded a Pulitzer Prize (his third) for his work on the NSA story for the Washington Post.

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