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This series, which is broadcast on KALW 91.7 FM on Thursday afternoons at noon, features many of the remarkable artists and thinkers who continue to speak at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

We are always working to update this page so that it more accurately reflects the current broadcast season. We also invite you to visit our Podcast channel where new JCCSF lectures (Binah broadcasts included) are added regularly.

Felicia Day
In conversation with Jane McGonigal
A tireless entertainment mogul, actress and “queen of the geeks,” Felicia Day brings together fans of gaming and geek culture with a strong message: embracing individuality fuels creation, community and innovation on the Internet and beyond. She appears in conversation to celebrate the release of her memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost).
Record date: August 20
Broadcast date: October 1

Masha Gessen
In conversation with Peter Finn, national security editor, Washington Post
Masha Gessen is a fearless Russian-American journalist noted for her opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the author of The Man Without a Face: The
Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin and Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot.
Record date: April 29
Broadcast date: October 8

Roman Mars, Glynn Washington and Jessica Abel
Join the creators behind Snap Judgment and 99% Invisible, Glynn Washington and Roman Mars, along with cartoonist and writer Jessica Abel, author of Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio, for a conversation on how radio producers construct some of the most exciting and innovative storytelling available today.
Record date: September 21
Broadcast date: October 15

Todd Haynes
In conversation with San Francisco Film Society’s Noah Cowan
Todd Haynes’ provocative films subvert narrative structure and resound with transgressive, complex eroticism. His latest film, Carol, stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney
Mara as two women who fall in love in early 1950s New York, and garnered Mara a best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival.
Record date: September 24
Broadcast date: October 22

Dennis Lehane
In conversation with Eddie Muller

Author Dennis Lehane found Hollywood producers hungry for his dark plots, unforgettable characters and cinematic thrills. His work includes the multi-Oscar-winning Mystic River to Gone, Baby, Gone to Shutter Island and The Drop, as well as writing for acclaimed series like The Wire and Boardwalk Empire. He discusses his book-to-film career, as well as his most recent novel, World Gone By.
Record date: October 12
Broadcast date: October 29

Juan Felipe Herrera
United States Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Hererra, the first Mexican American to hold the position, learned to love poetry by singing about the Mexican Revolution with his
mother, a migrant farmworker in California. Hererra’s appointment comes as the country is debating immigration, a recurring subject of his work.
Record date: October 1
Broadcast date: November 5

Maria Popova
In conversation with Alexis Madrigal, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief of Fusion
Maria Popova’s wildly popular blog “Brainpickings,” which started as a weekly e-mail to friends, now has fans like William Gibson, Drew Carey, Mia Farrow and Biz Stone and is included in the Library of Congress permanent web archive. A recent sampling includes Sylvia Bornstein on Pablo Neruda, 19th century illustrations of owls and ospreys, and Mark Rothko on beauty, friendship and art.
Record date: October 15
Broadcast date: November 12

Diana Nyad
After four failed attempts, Diana Nyad completed a record-breaking swim through sharkinfested waters from Cuba to Key West, Florida. Why, at age 64, was she able to
achieve what she could not as a young Olympian? She shares her triumphant tale about facing fears, following a passion, and living life with no regrets.
Record date: October 26
Broadcast date: November 19

Sherry Turkle
In conversation with Katie Hafner
MIT technology and society specialist psychologist Sherry Turkle discusses the power of conversation and the importance of reclaiming it in the digital age. Turkle argues that social media provides the illusion of companionship without the demands of intimacy, causing us to sacrifice authentic communication for mere connection. With digital technology still in its infancy, however, she says that there is ample time for us to reshape how we build and use it.
Record date: October 26
Broadcast date: December 3

Wendell Pierce
Tony Award-winning actor and producer Wendell Pierce had leading roles in the HBO series The Wire and Treme and has appeared in feature films including Selma, Ray and Waiting to Exhale. Since Hurricane Katrina, Pierce has been helping to rebuild the flood ravaged Pontchartrain Park neighborhood in his native New Orleans.
Record date: October 30
Broadcast date: December 10

Carrie Brownstein
In conversation with Dave Eggers
Portlandia and Transparent actress, Sleater-Kinney guitarist, NPR contributor and all around cool person Carrie Brownstein talks about her deeply personal and revealing memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl. Hear the story of the dawn of the underground feminist punk-rock movement that would define music and pop culture from one of its founding mothers.
Record date: November 4
Broadcast date: December 17

Gloria Steinem
In conversation with Jada Pickett Smith
Feminist icon Gloria Steinem discusses her first book in over 20 years, My Life on the Road, a candid account of how unexpected people and encounters led her to
transformative ideas. Steinem co-founded Ms. Magazine in 1972, and in 2013, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama.
Record date: November 10
Broadcast date: December 24

Simon Winchester
For his latest book, Pacific: Silicon Chips and Surfboards, Coral Reefs and Atom BombsBrutal Dictators, Fading Empires, and the Coming Collision of the World’s Superpowers, Simon Winchester’s research led him to live with aboriginals in northern Queensland, do jail time in Tierra del Fuego, and spend six months walking across South Korea. Experience the Pacific Ocean as you’ve never known it before.
Record date: November 3
Broadcast date: December 31