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Podcasts won’t play in my browser.

Our built-in player works with most modern web browsers. If you are having trouble, please make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player installed and have Javascript enabled for our web site.

When streaming from the web site the podcast starts to play but is frequently interrupted.

This issue commonly occurs for those with slower internet connections or when our server is very busy. Hit pause and allow a moment or two for the podcast to download. You should then be able to continue to listen without interruption.

If you continue to experience this issue, subscribing to our podcasts may work better for you.

The podcast plays but I but don’t hear any sound

  1. Adjust player sound settings. If you’re using our built-in player you can find the volume control on the right-hand side. Adjust this value to your liking.
  2. Check your speakers. Speaker and headphone cords can easily come unplugged, or inserted into the microphone (line in) jack. Check your cords and wiring to ensure your speakers are firmly connected to your computer’s output jack (often identified by a speaker or headphone symbol).
  3. Check your sound settings to ensure that your computer volume is not muted or low. You can find these settings in Hardware and Sound (Sounds and Audio Devices on some older versions) in the Windows Control Panel or Sounds in the Mac OS System Preferences.

I can’t find this podcast in iTunes

Click here to subscribe with iTunes.

If you are having trouble with this method, you can subscribe by opening iTunes and selecting the iTunes Store, search for ‘Jewish Community Center of San Francisco’ and subscribe to the matching podcast.

Additionally you can subscribe to our podcasts manually by selecting Subscribe to Podcast from the Advanced menu, then entering http://podcasts.jccsf.org/feed/ in the popup window that appears.

I want to subscribe to your podcasts but need software. What programs do you recommend?

Two of the most commonly used programs to subscribe to podcasts are iTunes and Juice. You can find some more information, including apps for mobile devices on our Listening page.

If I need more help where can I go?

Below are several resources with more information about listening to podcasts:

Or you can email us at [email protected] For general computer issues please consult with your computer vendor.