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Talking Cheese with the Artisan Cheese Guild

CheeseGuild_1of1_WEB_klVivien Straus of Straus Family Creamery and local cheesemakers discuss their craft, the animals they raise and the land on which they depend. Learn how Point Reyes Original Blue and Pugs Leap got their start, and how the artisanal cheeses we love so much wouldn’t have been possible without the Straus Family Legacy.

Matthieu Ricard

MatthieuRicard_1of1_WEB_klBuddhist monk and scientist Matthieu Ricard inspired the audience with true life stories about how loving kindness meditation and altruism can effect real change in the world.

Scott Simon

ScottSimon_1of1_WEB_klA charming, witty and touching recount of Scott Simon’s final days reminiscing with his mother about days gone by. The audience was moved by his stories.

The Future of the Republican Party

Gerson_Michael_HiRes-webBack by popular demand! Reposted from his appearance on February 6, 2014

Michael Gerson, Op-Ed Columnist, Washington Post
The Republican Party has seen its share of fractures, factions and disruptions of late. Some in the party openly suggest that rift s within are caused by anti-government extremists; others, especially younger members, complain that the GOP has become closed-minded, inflexible and old-fashioned. Michael Gerson weighs in on how the Republican Party can build internal consensus on what it stands for and who is best poised to lead the charge.

Isabel Allende

Isabel_Allende_2013_photo_credit_Lori_Barr-webBack by popular demand! Reposted from her appearance on February 5, 2014

With Barbara Lane
Chilean-American author and activist Isabel Allende (The House of the Spirits, City of the Beasts) is among the best-known Latin American novelists. Building upon the magic realist tradition, she spins stories of family, politics and human rights. Her new novel, Ripper, demonstrates her remarkable literary versatility with an atmospheric, fast-paced mystery involving a brilliant teenage sleuth who must unmask a serial killer in San Francisco.

Bernard-Henri Lévy


Renowned thinker Bernard-Henri Levy discusses the political positions of the new anti-Semitism and the state of anti-Semitism today.

Mona Eltahawy


Mona Eltahawy  inspired the audience with her fiery, passionate plea for justice for women here and abroad.  She also spoke from personal experience about the complexities of choosing to wear a headscarf.

Maria Bello


Maria Bello (Coyote Ugly, A History of Violence) sits down with author Ayelet Waldman for an intimate conversation about family and relationships to celebrate Bello’s new memoir “Whatever … Love is Love“, which expands on a column Bello wrote in 2013 for The New York Times. Maria reveals her personal and radical self-exploration and questions the status quo imposed not just by her but also by society in general, and encourages all of us to reconsider the labels we give ourselves.

Masha Gessen


Masha Gessen enlightened the audience with insight about the current political and cultural life in Putin’s Russia, the bleak outlook for LGBT Russians, and the story behind the Boston Marathon massacre’s  Tsarnaev brothers.

David Brooks


David Brooks, New York Times Op-Ed columnist, captivated the audience with stories of great thinkers and the road to building their strong inner characters.