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Willie Brown

The man Bill Clinton called “the real Slick Willie” shares his political calculation in this election year. Listen as the former San Francisco mayor and speaker of the California Assembly continues to tell it like it is.



Michael Wex

Translator, novelist and performer Wex follows his witty and erudite Born to Kvetch with Just Say Nu, a colorful, uncensored guide to the idiomatic use of Yiddish in such areas as madness, fury, driving, mob Yiddish, insults and thirteen designations for the human rear.



Max Apple

Short-story writer and novelist Max Apple is known for the comic intelligence of his work. In his first collection to appear in 20 years, Apple presents stories that are funny, off-the-wall inventive and down-to-earth intelligent.



Martin Amis

The witty and controversial British writer talks about his new novel House of Meetings, the nature of authoritarianism and life with his father, Kingsley Amis.



Etgar Keret

Israel’s most acclaimed young writer reads from The Nimrod Flipout, his latest collection to be translated into English.