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Kevin Starr and John Rothmann

Former California State Historian Kevin Starr talks to KGO Radio’s John Rothmann about the final volume of his magnum opus on the Golden State.



Jared Cohen

While still a student, Jared Cohen defied government warnings and made a series of perilous journeys to Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Cohen’s eye-opening, first-hand account of a thriving and progressive Muslim youth culture includes perspectives from Hezbollah members, Palestinian refugees and Iraqi insurgents.

Irwin Kula

One of the new leaders shaping the American spiritual landscape, Rabbi Irwin Kula brings the insights of ancient Jewish wisdom to the challenges of the present to help people live more fully. A regular television and radio commentator and the Co-President of The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, Kula offers fresh and incisive perspectives on today’s cultural and political landscape. Prepare to be inspired.

Robert Thurman

An international authority on world religions and spirituality, Asian history, philosophy and Tibetan Buddhism, Thurman is an eloquent teacher of the relevance of Eastern knowledge and ideas to our daily lives. Drawing an analogy between Tibetans and Jews in regard to finding the courage to overcome genocide and exile, Thurman encourages incorporating Eastern traditions into your life as a way of “enriching what you already are.”


Jane Smiley

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Thousand Acres has written eleven novels. An outspoken anti-Bush blogger, Smiley speaks her mind on subjects ranging from horse training to marriage, Barbie, and impulse buying. Her new novel Ten Days in the Hills is about Hollywood and sex.

Willie Brown

The man Bill Clinton called “the real Slick Willie” shares his political calculation in this election year. Listen as the former San Francisco mayor and speaker of the California Assembly continues to tell it like it is.



Jennifer Baumgardner

Thirty-something feminist activist Jennifer Baumgardner argues that the women’s movement didn’t necessarily provide her generation with a road map to the equal, fulfilling relationships that they expected. It is the insurgent voices of bisexual women, she says, that are furthering the aims of the feminist dream for a better world.

Richard Powers

The New York Times calls Richard Powers “one of our most lavishly gifted writers.” Author of Galatea 2.2 and The Time of Our Singing, Powers, who won this year’s National Book Award for his latest novel The Echo Maker, explores the effects of modern science and technology in his work.


Richard Thompson Ford

What do Katrina victims waiting for federal disaster relief, millionaire rappers buying vintage champagne, Ivy League professors waiting for taxis, and ghetto hustlers trying to find steady work have in common? All have claimed to be victims of racism. Stanford Law School Professor Richard Thompson Ford brings sophisticated legal analysis, lively and eye-popping anecdotes, and plain old common sense to this heated topic.


Orhan Pamuk

Meet the man behind the books and controversy, Turkish novelist and Nobel-prize winner Orhan Pamuk, whose works include The Black Book, My Name is Red, Snow and Istanbul.