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Richard Powers

The New York Times calls Richard Powers “one of our most lavishly gifted writers.” Author of Galatea 2.2 and The Time of Our Singing, Powers, who won this year’s National Book Award for his latest novel The Echo Maker, explores the effects of modern science and technology in his work.


Philip Zimbardo

World-renowned psychologist Philip Zimbardo tells us how good people sometimes turn evil, a phenomenon he calls The Lucifer Effect Zimbardo’s classic work is The Stanford Prison Experiment, in which students took on roles of captor and captive with startling results.


Wayne Thiebaud

Gain insight to one of the most prominent artists of the Bay Area Figurative Movement in California, Wayne Thiebaud, a San Francisco-based painter, who is best-known for his vivid, thickly textured paintings depicting mass culture, from cakes to city scenes.